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Referees & Game Play

The assignment of licensed referees to games are subject to their availability, conflicts, experience, age, license grade and other factors, and are assigned by the TRSC Referee Assignor.

TRSC assigned licensed referees are utilized to referee U8 recreational through U19 competitive games, limited by the availability of licensed referees.

08 grade referees and higher will be used on competitive matches.

TRSC licensed referees are paid based on the Licensed Referee Pay Schedule in effect at the time.

In the event of a missing line referee, an adult volunteer may act as referee to determine out-of-bound calls ONLY for a designated touch-line on any U9-U19 game as determined at the discretion of the licensed center referee. In a competitive match, both head coaches must consent and waive their rights to contest the game results relative to this approach beforehand.

In the event of a non-refereed U8 game due to the lack of assignment of a licensed referee by TRSC, the coaches of both teams are to act as pseudo referees for their defending half of the game field.

Referee Assignments

Referee Assignments. The following are important aspects of referee assignments that must be noted and are per OSA, GCSA and TRSC standing rules and general practices:


09 referees are limited to refereeing:

Up to U14 recreational only games,

Generally up to two (2) years less than the age of the referee, and on games where there exists no conflict of interest.

08 referees can referee:

Any recreational or competitive game,

Generally up to two (2) years less than the age of the referee, and

On games where there exists no conflict of interest.


Referees must check in thirty (30) minutes prior to their 1st scheduled assignment in order to let the Referee Assignor know they are present and to avoid their scheduled game being reassigned to another available referee. If a referee misses their first game, they need to report in ASAP to the Referee Assignor and is at risk of their remaining scheduled games being reassigned.

Referees must have their valid OSA/USSF issued patch, official referee full uniform on and their referee equipment available including:

Official Cards (Yellow/Red)

Official Uniform (black shorts, referee shirt , socks)


Watch/timer – worn around the wrist or lanyard. (i.e. iPhones are not acceptable.)

U8 Division:

  • Ball size is 3
  • 6V6: (5) on the field, (1) in the goal
  • (4) minute periods with free substitutions
  • All fouls are direct free kicks, no free kicks taken within penalty area
  • NO Penalty Kicks in penalty box.
  • Everyone plays 50% of the game
  • (1) Officiating referee
  • Referees are lenient, but provided to maintain safety and encourage the rules of the game.
  • Most hand balls will not be called, unless it stops the flow of play. A friendly reminder will be given from the referee

Scheduled Assignments
Referees are expected to be willing to accept assignments for either league and for any age (i.e. competitive vs. recreational and U8-U19).

Licensed Referee Pay Schedule

(Effective Beginning Fall 2012 Season – to be adjusted by Board from time to time)


Recreational Games

U8 Center


U10 Center


U10 AR


U12 Center


U12 AR


U14 Center


U14 AR


U16 Center


U16 AR


U19 Center


U19 AR


Center – Center Referee

AR – Assistant Referee