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Coaches Code of Ethics | Parents Code of Ethics

Volunteer Disclosure Form

Team Roster

  • The club registrar will email you a team roster, please verify your assigned team roster. If you need to make adjustments please reply to the club registrar by Wednesday of each week with specific adjustments. Failure to contact the club registrar by Wednesday may result in a players inability to participate in an upcoming event.
  • Once you have contacted your team and create a team name, contact the club registrar to confirm team name along with team colors in order to prevent duplicates within the club.
  • U10-U19 Traveling teams: It is up to the home team to change jerseys if the opposing team has a similar color.

Code of Ethics

  • Coaches: Review the Coaches Code of Ethics and contact a TRSC Board Member for any questions.
  • Parents: Coaches review Parents Code of Ethics with team parents.


  • U4-U8 Schedules: Provided by TRSC and available at
  • U10-U19 Schedules: Provided by OSA and available at
  • U14-U19 Player Passes: Coaches/Players will need to upload player photos in order to complete player passes.

Game Rescheduling

  • Notify the club referee assignor to advise of rescheduling and confirm the availability of referees.
  • Inclement Weather: Field Closings will be provided on the homepage of and posted on Facebook.


  • U10-U19 Tournaments: OSA sanctioned tournaments may be found by visiting

Field Usage & Maintenance

  • Each team may conduct (3) 90 minute sessions per week: (1) of which is a game
  • Field Maintenance – each team is encouraged to help keep the facility as clean and operational.  Please ensure all trash is picked up after each practice.

Coaching Resource


TRSC is always recruiting and helping train interested referees. Referees begin at the age of 12 conducting U8 and U10 games and becoming certified to referee in Oklahoma.  TRSC enforces the Zero Tolerance Policy.


Aluminum goals are unsafe and shall not be climbed upon. U12 and U14 goals require extra caution. Please encourage the community to become aware of the danger of hanging or climbing on soccer goals, and inspect goals for anchors before practice or a game.

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