Fall 2015 (U8) Tournament


It’s that time again, the TRSC U8 Fall Tournament is upon us.  The tournament will be held on Saturday, November 14th, 2015

The brackets were formed based on regular season performance.  Rules and regulations are the same with a few additions.

In the event of a tie, (2) five-minute overtime periods will be played.  This is not a sudden death or golden goal overtime.  If a winner is not determined after overtime, a shootout will occur.   Ball placement will be at the bottom of the center circle (almost half line) with no goalies defending.  Shootouts are won on accuracy.

Good luck to all our U8 teams!

Bracket will be available after November 2nd.

Coaching Education Update

A note from Kurt Luitwieler, OSA Technical Director

There are many changes on the way from US Soccer.  As a result, Oklahoma coaches, players and clubs have a lot of work ahead us to keep up!

US Soccer has realized they have largely ignored the youth ranks for decades and are now paying attention.  They have been raising standards in recent years all across the youth soccer landscape. This is why the US Developmental Academy programs were started in the first place: the youth system, as it was, did not produce enough quality players at the highest levels.  To improve this standard at the top, the quality of the players coming up through the ranks must improve. Only way to do that is to improve all of the level of COACHING throughout the entire pathway.  Yes, this includes local u8 coaches in Oklahoma!

I see a common problem more and more: the players’ ability and developmental needs surpassing the coach’s knowledge base and/or teaching skills.  This fact is a major road block for our players’ development in Oklahoma.  As clubs and coaches we must commit to challenging ourselves to continue to grow. Regardless of our current level of training, experience, and expertise!

SO, to that end, here are some opportunities to develop as COACHES coming up in Oklahoma!

US Soccer Federation Coaching Education Licenses:   http://www.oksoccer.com/coaching/coaching_classes.aspx

Upcoming Courses…

USSF NATIONAL F LICENSE :  This is the entry level course that is the pre-requisite for the US Soccer curriculum. It is focused on the younger ages, (u6-u8), but the basic principles of teaching and managing a group are presented here.  This is a 2 hour course that’s done online through the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center.  The course can be started, paused and finished anytime.


Friday: 6-9pm, Saturday/Sunday: 9am-6pm.

This course takes off where the F License ends.  It assumes you know the basic concepts of the curriculum and gets into the actual practice and skill of writing a good, realistic training session and the skills of observing and teaching at a high level.

The focus in on how to start training players functionally in the context of a typical team training session.